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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to create well educated critical thinkers, problem anticipators and solvers, responsible and compassionate global citizens by preparing them to achieve the highest standards in education as well as their lives.

  • Provide an interactive learning environment to nature, provide curiosity, and develop self-awareness.
  • Enlighten independent young thinkers with a passion-centered learning to thrive, inspiring each student to serve humanity's is our motive forever.
  • For life enriching educational culture, for hidden talents to achieve excellence.

Our Mission

Is to provide a learning environment, self sustained with open minded and self directed learners which will enrich our society.

For the holistic development of our children a joyful progressive learning environment is followed here. Our students are the harbingers of change. Hence the school follows teaching pedagogy blended with technology, art, hands-on, sports and so on. The pedagogies are articulated to influence the learners with ever lasting impact. The classroom teaching is designed for trans-disciplinary learning, virtual learning, Art-integration with core subject, experiential learning. These multiple strategies develop an atmosphere of collaborative learning to effectively achieve the learning objectives.

Our Philosophy

  • Samithi Group Of School intends to nurture every child towards holistic growth which encompasses the following educational aims and objectives:
  • To help the child understand the surroundings in a relevant manner.
  • To help the child gain skills essential to survive and succeed in the new millennium
  • To unleash the child’s potential in one or more disciplines such as Academics, Art, Sports through exposure & practice.
  • Visionary leadership requires the creation of strategies, systems and methods for achieving performance excellence, stimulating innovation, building knowledge and capabilities and ensuring organizational sustainability.

Our Policies

At SEM, we take our values, vision, and mission seriously. To this end, we created the following framework that helps us stay aligned with our vision and mission.

  • Adherence to a Quality Management System
  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • Actionable Feedback based on Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Surveys

Our Values

Values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, society and about learning and knowledge. A school’s vision and mission statement indicate its core values which can inform and support the way the school develops. In order to be professional and ethical, it is important that each school member practices these values so well that if no policy or procedure manual is available, we would still make the best decisions based on our understanding of these values.

  • We believe in learner’s constructive approaches which are Appreciation, Commitment, Creativity, Confidence, Curiosity, Cooperation, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Independence, Integrity, Respect, and Tolerance, which demonstrate the aspiration to achieve their best.
  • We believe in character building aspects which are Inquirer, Thinker, Caring, Balanced, Knowledgeable, Open Minded, Risk taker, Communicator, Reflective and Principled which describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.

Our Methodology

For us at Samithi Group Of School, the goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. The methodology of teaching at the school is as follows:

  • Authentic: To draw on the learner’s strengths and interests. Material and resources are drawn from and connected to the real world.
  • Interactive: This fosters participation and collaboration and allows the learner to interact with the real world.
  • Learner’s centered: This provides opportunities to learn through discovery which helps the learners to be the creators, thinkers and problem solver. This also includes the learner in the development of lessons and assessment process.
  • Continuous: Provides the learner an opportunity to acquire knowledge in a more holistic way. It builds on a variety of disciplines and learning environments.
  • Process focused: Subjects are taught as ways of thinking which rests on Intelligent Behaviors. It helps the learner to apply thinking models and diverse strategies and develops communication capacity.
  • Integrated: Teaches national consciousness and orientation in relation to India.
  • We believe in What I hear, I forget , What I see, I remember, What I do, I understand.

Our Resources

The school campus offers a learner-friendly environment with a fine blend of functionality and contemporary aesthetics. CCTV surveillance system, wide corridors and stairwells, fire prevention system, deployment of security personnel are among the several safety and security measures taken by the School to ensure a safe campus environment. All facilities in the school are IT-enabled with a provision for broadband connectivity.

  • Classrooms: The spacious well-ventilated classrooms with natural light provide a conducive environment for learning. Every classroom has a public address system, display boards, ergonomically designed age-appropriate furniture.
  • Science Laboratories: The School has spacious, well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science Laboratories. Models, Specimens, Displays, Charts, Learning Kits, Audio-Visual Equipment, etc. help teachers demonstrate, validate and establish various phenomena, and facilitate children verify theories, relate to fundamental principles and concepts.
  • Computer Laboratories: The School has two air-conditioned Computer Laboratories with high-speed broadband connectivity and audio-visual facilities. All computers have the required configuration and software to support children's learning and the effective delivery of the curriculum. The computer labs provide an individual workstation for every child.
  • Libraries: Well-resourced, aesthetically designed Primary School Library and Senior School Library create an inviting ambience for the young readers. A dedicated story-telling corner in the primary library makes it a special place for the students.
  • Music Room: The Music Room has a variety of musical instruments to learn Western music and Indian music - both instrumental and vocal.
  • Art Room: The Art Room is a spacious facility, with a dedicated workshop space, designed to invigorate the imagination of young students and motivate them to use various mediums and shape their creativity through different forms of art like paper art, craft, by recycling waste, sketching and drawing, and painting on glass, fabric, canvas, earthenware, wood, bamboo and other surfaces.
  • Multipurpose Hall: The Multipurpose Hall is used for organizing various activities such as guest lectures and panel discussions, debates and elocutions, quizzes and recitations, workshops and presentations, meetings and orientation programmes, etc.
  • Outdoor Play Areas: The Pre-Primary section and Primary section have their exclusive outdoor play areas, with age-appropriate and colorful play equipment, which facilitates the development of motor skills in the students.
  • Sports Facilities: The School has a well-laid, sports area. These facilities are used for providing coaching to students in various sports and games such as football, athletics, volleyball, indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom, etc. Apart from organising regular physical education classes, these facilities are used for providing specialised coaching to students in various sports and games.
  • School Transport: The School has a well maintained, dedicated fleet of buses with the required safety measures that include CCTV surveillance, GPRS bus tracking system as per new ERP system, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, seat belts and communication facility. The bus crew undergo regular training programmes on road safety, safe driving, student safety, first aid, health and hygiene, punctuality, communication skills, etc.