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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
Attendance Policy
  • A minimum of ninety percent attendance is required for promotion to next class.
  • Any student who has been absent will not be admitted to the class without a leave note from theparent/guardian addressed to the class teacher stating the reason for absence.
  • In case of an illness and absence for three days or more, the student will have to resume schoolwith a doctor's certificate. If a child has a prolonged period of absence due to a medical contingency, parents need to regularly update the school principal on the student's healthprogress. Parents will need to provide a detailed medical report when their child resumes schoolafter the recuperating period.
  • A student resuming school after an infectious or contagious illness will have to bring a fitnesscertificate from his treating doctor.
  • Half day leave requests are not granted by the school. But, in case of a child's ill health or due to an emergency, the principal may allow the child to leave before closing hours of the school.
  • Repeated instances of absence from school without prior approval and unsanctioned absence for more than six consecutive days can lead to termination from the school. The school reservesthe right for re-admission and the same can be done only by following the admission procedure,which also involves payment of the then applicable admission fee.
  • To seek leave sanction, a written request needs to be sent to the principal for approval. If theleave request is for more than seven days, parents will have to meet the Principal with a prior appointment to get the necessary approval and sanction.
  • For repeated and long periods of unapproved absence, the school reserves the right to detainthe child in the same class in the next academic session.
  • In case of absence of a short duration, our facilitators will try their best to update the child bygiving him additional practice work sheets that summarizes the topic, however covering theconcept such that it was done in the regular class is not possible.
  • The annual school calendar is prepared well in advance and shared at the start of everyacademic session to help parents plan family outings and vacations and honour their socialcommitments without disturbing their child's attendance in school.
  • All students need to be present on the first and last working day of the school after and beforeevery vacation.
  • In an academic session, students who have ninety eight percent and above attendance will befelicitated for their focus and commitment to learning.


Students should not take unplanned and unnecessary leave since undeclared assessments arean integral part of the SEM Learning System

If a child takes leave without prior approval then re-assessment of any exam will not be considered unless the child is medically not fit to come to school.