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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
Field Trip & Library Policy

Field Trip Policy

  • School will be arranging some Field Trips (with in Surat city) or excursion, with a view to give practical overview Iexposure to the students about the irrespective fields.
  • School has prescribed the guidelines/ rules and regulations to be followed by students & teachers faculty / management members during the said tours.
  • Schools, it’s patent body, employees / officials will not be liable for any type of loss(s) or damage(s) which may arise out from the action or in action of the child during the said activities for the entiretenurein the school and also from any claim arising from the section or inaction of the child.
  • Parent cannot indemnify the school from claims or law suits brought against by parent, child or others that arises out of any behaviour by the child at the event / activity.
  • EMERGENCYMEDICAL TREATMENT: In the event of an emergency, school will take the child to a hospital for medical treatment. Advice of the doctor will be shared with parents before jump for any further treatment. In case if parents are unable to reach at the registered numbers, the treatment will be started and will be informed later to the parent.

Discipline and Code of Conduct for the School Library

  • Silence must be maintained in the library.
  • Any student borrowing the book from the library for personal reading is expected to register the name of the book with the librarian.
  • Library books should be borrowed for personal reading and not for sharing them with others.
  • Only one book at a time will be issued.
  • Books have to be returned in 7 days. Failure to return the book within 7 days will lead to a fine.
  • Our library has well maintained books, magazines and periodicals and they have to be returned after reading in the same condition. Any kind of damage will entitle a fine equivalent to the cost or even higher than the cost of the publication.