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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
House System

To promote team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition among the students from classes I to XII is placed in one of the four "houses'. The school provides the platform for students to exhibit their talents by organising various inter-house competitions. There are four houses in the school.

Their names and the colours associated each are given blow:

Einstein Green
Edison Yellow
Aristotle Blue
Darwin Red

Every house is headed by the house captain and house vice-captain. The houses also have house prefects. A member of the staff, assisted by several other teachers (tutors) as house warden. Points are awarded to students of each house throughout the year for co-curricular activities, games & sports & description.

Reduce the weight of your school bag

Heavier school bag causes adverse effects on the health of growing children. Hence we have a great concern on this matter and advise the students to come with a light weight bag to School. Please practice the following guidelines:-

1. Repack your bag on daily basis as per the time table and avoid carrying unnecessary articles, textbooks, workbooks, notebook etc. that are not needed.

2. Do not bring the heavy water bottle to school. You can refill the same in the school.

3. Next time when you purchase a new bag, please ensure it should be of a lighter weight with backpack with two taut stripes. Rectangular bags are better than laptop carrying bags.

4. Have regular cleaning of the school bag and do not store unwanted things.

5. Put the bag tightly to your back, rather than hanging off on the shoulders.

6. Keep some notebooks/ workbooks etc. in the school as per the advice of your respected teachers.

Let's have a burden free school bag