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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
Celebration Policy
  • Teachers and staff at The Samithi Group of School try to make a student's birthday a special day for him. We understand that the child may be eager to celebrate his birthday at school and respect his sentiments. However, parents should ensure that the celebration at school is simple and not affluent.
  • On birthday, a student can come to school in a civil dress and distribute chocolates among his class mates only. Parents are requested not to send any gifts or/and expensive confectionery for students, teachers or for staff.
  • On their child's special day parents may donate a book to the school library as a memento or souvenir. This is a suggestion and not a compulsion for parents. It is highly recommended to donate books to the school library.
  • Parents are requested not to send gifts, mementos, confectionery or any other articles to any member of the staff or faculty on any occasion, religious, social or personal.
  • Parents cannot invite teachers or any member of the school staff for any private celebrations event outside the school unless they share personal relationship with them.
  • The school will not extend its support to parents to organise any private celebrations outside school. The school only will share telephone numbers of parents of your child's class mates. This too will be done after taking consent from the respective parents.
  • Parent should not request the class teacher or any other school staff to distribute any personal invitation cards in the school or in the bus.