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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
Transportation Policy
  • Bus routes have been prepared to minimize travel time for students. The school does not provide transport in all the areas of the city but convenient stops have been created at major locations connecting different parts of the city. Door to door service is not provided to optimize the route planning.
  • The pickup and drop timings will be given to students before the start of the new academic session. Students should be at their designated stop five minutes prior to the time given to them. The bus cannot wait at any stop beyond the specified time.
  • Students from kindergarten to class IV are not dropped unaccompanied at any stop from the school bus. It is mandatory for parents to arrange for their pick up by a responsible adult authorised with an identity card issued from the school. From class V onwards, students will be dropped and allowed to go on their own if the same has been requested by parents in writing to the school authorities.
  • In case of an unknown contingency or during traffic snarls, the time schedule of the bus service can be disturbed, in such a situation, we request parents to extend their full cooperation to us. We will inform parents of the change in bus timings, if any via SMS for both pick up and drop if the delay is more than 15 minutes. Due to heavy rains, some low lying areas may be flooded and so the regular stops can be modified to meet the challenge. In such situations parents may have to opt for a temporary pick up and drop stop best made available to them.
  • Every parent and student is informed of the specific bus the child will travel by. Students are not allowed to change buses or take pick up or drops to any other place besides the service assigned to them. This discipline ensures the safety of your child and does not cause inconvenience to others.
  • Buses will halt at specified bus stops only. If a student misses the bus, he can board the bus from the next stop only. The bus driver has been instructed not to halt the bus anywhere enroute between the specific bus stops.
  • If primary and higher secondary school students miss their regular school bus, they cannot report to school by arriving in the bus meant for kindergarten children without permission.
  • Parents are not permitted to board the school bus as this creates delays in the further route.
  • Parents have to inform the school in writing, via an email or a letter of any change of address in the middle of an academic year. In such cases, parents need to understand that the school authorities cannot modify the existing route or create a new stop in the existing bus schedule. The School will offer the most convenient stop in such cases.
  • Children have to maintain discipline and decorum in the bus and no one is allowed to open the windows. This safety measure has to be strictly followed by all without any exceptions.
  • Students cannot use offensive or abusive language nor can they discuss inappropriate or indecent topics. Fighting or causing any kind of damage to the bus or breach of any of the rules will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Parents are requested not to handover any kind of articles, fees, money, lunch box to the bus drivers/ conductors/teachers/ attendants. School will not be responsible for any loss.
  • Any misbehaviour with the driver, conductor, fellow students or teachers in the bus by a child or a parent will not be tolerated. In such cases the school transport facility to the child stands cancelled.
  • The students are responsible for maintaining discipline in the bus. Any serious offence must be reported to the principal immediately.


Before commencing the final admission formalities please review our list of bus stops and select the one that is most convenient to you. We do not promise you door step transport facility and you will have to work out your convenience of travel to and fro from the bus stop to your home.