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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
Admission and Withdrawals
  • Admission to , ‘The Samithi Group of School’, Surat is open to all eligible children irrespective of caste, colour or creed.
  • Pupils who will complete three by 1st June will be admitted in Nursery and a corresponding scale of age is fixed for the subsequent standards.
  • The school reserves the right to refuse any application without giving reasons for his action.
  • Parents who wish to withdraw their child/children in between June to October (First Term) will have to pay fee for the first term and those who withdraw any time after first term (Nov. to April will be charged fee for the whole academic year. Parents who wish to withdraw their children at the end of the academic session will have to give an advance written notice on or before 31st of March of the calendar. In such case fee will be charged only up to April. Such notice should be given by the person responsible for the pupil and not the pupil himself / herself.
  • A student may be removed from the school for: Non-payment of school dues, using unfair means in any examination, consistent unsatisfactory progress, immorality, grave in subordination, stealing or extortion of money / items from other students, contempt of authority, exceeding bounds, damaging school property, any word of action likely to undermine the reputation of the institution, bullying, assaulting and ragging in any form.
  • A duplicate Transfer Certificate will be issued only if the Management and Principal are satisfied with the fact that the original has been lost or damaged beyond redemption.