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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
About the Trust

About the School

India is at the forefront of the global revolution. Committed to this purpose, in Samithi Group Of School, we believe in building leadership skills by developing individuality and helping our students discover their potential. We believe that education is an infrastructure, which plays a fundamental role in determining the prosperity and well-being of its citizens. Progressive nations have strategically invested heavily in education on a long term basis.

About the Trust


'Kerala Kala Samithi', a public charitable trust was established in the year 1971, we inculcated the values and morals as a social participation and added the flavours of cultural activities, colours of festivals and the much of the drops of 'Nectar' to develop and hold the pillars of Samithi's foundation.

Thereafter the concept of English Medium School was brought into existence in the year 1976 with pre-primary classes and was taken to the great heights. Today it isn't just the sleek design that makes the institute so satisfying but it's the medium at the foremost center to provide educational, social and moral qualities. G.S.E.B. has reached at its impressive pinnacles. Our institution is always in the motion of aiming the system of construction of every child from its domain to objective, so as to develop and inculcate values towards the society. Everyone, whoever is connected with constructive is appreciable for every achievement and for the better future of our students.

The Kerala Kala Samithi Trust - work emphasizes on education, health care, community services with co-ordination of support from society and other organisations. The main aim behind such activities is to implement life skills, life risk-taking, decision making etc. to raise the child's potentialities and make self-reliant. Our institute with every member and authoritative person will always provide the drops of pastille which will glitter with glimming brightness.

Our main observation and objectives of domain were to bring the taste of education and devote ourselves in charity work like blood donation, facilitating medical aids for needy, controlling environmental disturbances etc. Still one step ahead we supported the victims of 'Tsunami Flood' with support to donations, donations to orphanage schools and old age homes as a part of charity work. And hereafter too, will be eager to guide economy and social activities with a touch to humanity. We also have future plans of establishing orphanages and center for first aid medical facilities to the outpatient. This activity inculcates values like caring and sharing and make the students the best citizen of tomorrow.

"We value confident, self-assured young people with the right skills, knowledge and attitude to live their lives to the full and make a productive contribution to community life. We are affiliated to the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB). It offers nationally accepted and extremely challenging GSEB curriculum, which prepare students for real world application.