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Kerala Kala Samithi (Regd. Surat)
Fees Guidelines
  • The school fees must be paid before the due dates as mentioned below:

    • 1 st Quarter June – August from 1 st -15 th June
    • 2 nd Quarter September – November from 1 st -15 th September
    • 3 rd Quarter December – February from 1 st -15 th December
    • 4 th Quarter March – May from 1 st -15 th March
  • If the date on which the school dues are to be paid happens to be holidays, the payment is to be made the previous day.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to deposit the school dues before the due date.
  • Fees should be paid by Cheque / Demand Draft issued in favour of “Samithi English Medium School”.The name of the account is subject to change if required by the management, for which the parents will be intimated prior.
  • Parents have the option to deposit the school dues for the whole year in advance if they find it more convenient.
  • In the event of the Cheque being dishonored , you are expected to deposit the fees amount in cash only along with the administrative charges of Rs. 500/- per cheque

Payment of fees online

Parents are advised “not to pay the fees from any other link or directly from their account.

Parents should pay the fees only as per the details mentioned below



  • Click on the Fee tab on e-Care Application.
  • Verify your students and contact details.
  • Select Fee type like Academic or Transport Fee
  • Select Instalment ie. Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4
  • Click on “Pay Now”.
  • Read t&c and tick the check box.
  • Proceed for payment.
  • Enter mobile & email id on payment page.
  • Choose the payment method ie. Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking. “Pay Now”

List of expenses that are not included in the school fees and have to be borne by parents/ guardians

  • School books, stationery, uniform and shoes.
  • Any activity, training or excursions conducted after school hours.
  • Out-station educational tours and events.
  • Entrance fees for inter school competitions, events or certified external exams conducted outside the school.
  • Rent for costumes/accessories to participate in competitions and events within and outside the school.
  • Cost of educational materials or compact discs, video tapes, pictures taken at school events and competitions.